Nature's Recipe for Well - Being

  • High in Protein
  • High in Fiber
  • Low GI
  • Resistant Starch
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Wholegrain Freekeh Cracked Freekeh

Wholegrain Freekeh

This roasted green wheat is harvested while still young then parched, roasted and dried. The patented process captures and retains the grain at its peak state of taste and nutrition. Our process is 100% natural - no preservatives, additives or pesticides are ever used and we are proud to take the time needed to bring a quality and natural product to market.

Wholegrain Freekeh is similar to a wheat berry in size and texture. 9 oz pouch

Wholegrain Freekeh Pouches

Cracked Freekeh

The same roasted green wheat product, just in a cracked form. Try a few bags of each today. Freekehlicious is versatile and adaptable to recipes from sweet to savory. A diet that includes freekeh is key to helping consumers meet their demands with weight, digestive-health and immunity.

Cracked Grain Freekeh is similar in texture to bulgar wheat. 9 oz pouch

Cracked Freekeh Pouches
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What's all the buzz about?

Recently featured by Dr. Oz on his nationally syndicated TV show and listed on many 'food trend reports,' freekeh is the new super grain of choice for 2014. The reason.... this green wheat goes above and beyond in the nutrition department and offers not only nutrients but also a variety of heath benefits.

The nutty flavor and ease of using freekeh in everyday meals has moms and chefs alike enjoying the versatility! It's a wonderful chameleon and can take on flavor profiles in almost any category or cultural recipe you can think of. Use freekeh in place of rice, quinoa, couscous or other grains. "Freekeh cooks up easily and consistently, capturing the flavorful combinations of each ingredient." Illan Eshed, VP of Operations, Wholesome Foods

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