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Carole Stewart
Freekeh Offers Solutions to Consumers!
It's is a triple threat to many modern day eating woes that plague time-crunch consumers seeking something healthy and fast.
2017 Sofi Award Winner!
"The 2017 sofi Award winners are the perfect representation of everything that the specialty food industry stands for," Phil Kafarakis, president of the Specialty Food Association.
Freekeh: Get The Lowdown On Healthy
Make freekeh a part of your regular diet in 2017 to get the extra benefits you didn’t even know you could.
The Dr. Oz Show
“Freekeh, the new super grain. It squashes the competition.” - Dr. Mehmet Oz
New York Times
Chefs are coming up with all sorts of inspiring ideas for this grain. - Martha Rose Shulman
The Healthy Grain To Try in 2015
Freekeh goes above and beyond in the nutrition department - Wellness Magazine
Prevention Magazine
Ancient grains are boiling hot again. Freekeh - A Healthy Grain You Should Eat.
Specialty Food Magazine
Ancient Grains in the Modern Diet: They are the oldest 'new' trend on retailers' shelves.
New Jersey Monthly Magazine
How a NJ company created the category and demand for freekeh in the U.S.
Freekehlicious - Direct from NJ!
What do you do when your spouse is diagnosed with Type II diabetes? Start a company,what else?
When Rice Becomes Humdrum...
"For people who love good food and enjoy trying new ingredients, freekeh is a culinary marvel." - Ronnie Fein, The Jewish Week
Cooking Light Magazine
'Taste of Summer,' Freekehlicious™ is one of the tipsntrends named in the June 2013 issue.
Food Australia
“Quite versatile, freekeh can be used alone, in combination with other foods in salads and salads or as a base ingredient in foods such as pasta, breads and burgers.” Tony Lufti, Greenwheat Freekeh
Freekehlicious™ Hits Store Shelves
"Nature’s Recipe for Well-Being” is High in Protein, Calcium and Fiber” Freekehlicious Press Release
O Magazine
“An ancient grain that can improve your health.” Leslie Goldman, O Magazine
Dr Oz
“Freekeh – it’s absolutely amazing and its got 6 grams of fiber per serving and packed with protein!” – Kim Lyons, Fitness trainer and top-selling author
Cleveland Clinic
“A great source of protein – but it’s also lower in carbs than brown rice.” Kristin Kirkpatrick is a registered dietitian and wellness manager for Cleveland Clinic’s Lifestyle 180 program.
Wall Street Journal
Perhaps the fastest up-and-comer in the ancient grain crowd, freekeh, can be found in warm salads, risottos and pilafs. Kristen Miglore, WSJ
The Super Grain with the Odd Name
“Norwood resident helps bring nutrition-rich Freekeh to North Jersey.”  Kara Yorio, The Record